SDGs & Innovation: Article by JIN posted in International Development Journal

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In a guest post in Japan’s  International Development Journal, Hiro Nishiguchi, Executive Managing Director of JIN, writes about how JIN’s and the UNDP’s joint SHIP program bridges innovation and  the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals):

Officially launched in December 2016 during a visit by Helen Clark (head of the UNDP), SHIP serves to create an ecosystem bringing together the know-how and deep expertise of Japan’s private sector with student communities, NGOs, experts, startups, innovation hubs, governments and development organisations globally with the aim of achieving the SDGs via innovative and sustainable business models.

You can read the full article here (JP).


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Source: International Development Journal, February 2017 issue [国際開発ジャーナル2017年2月号掲載]