Toward Innovation Nation

To make Japan “Innovation Nation” once again, JIN collaborates with partners specialized in innovation human resource development, platforms for BA (place) of innovation, global innovation hubs, and United Nations agencies to implement the following activities:

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IMSAP: Innovation Management System Acceleration Program

Innovation Management by international standards We support design, development and operation of
the Innovation Management Systems based on the ISO 56002

Since 2013 JIN has participated in ISO Technical Committee 279 as a representative of Japan to discuss the ISO 56000 series of International Standards on Innovation Management Systems (IMS). We provide the content of the ISO standards, self-assessment tools, and four programs to assist Japanese companies in introducing the IMS.

Framework of ISO 56002: Innovation Management SystemThe Innovation Management System (IMS) is a set of interrelated and interacting elements which purpose is to realize value (see diagram below). The IMS provides a framework and a common language to develop and deploy innovation capabilities, evaluate performance, and achieve intended outcomes.
Framework of ISO 56002: Innovation Management System

ISO 56002 Seminar

The program you can learn about the core of the ISO 56000 series, ISO 56002 in 2.5 hours online (in Japanese only).

Price JPY18,000 + tax
Register (in Japanese only)
ISO 56002 Seminar for Executives

The ISO 56002 Seminar can be arranged for the Executives

Price TBD based on the size and context
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IMSAP Studio

Monthly program for middle management and staff who is in charge of innovation management and carrying out innovation activities in companies. You can learn the detail of the ISO 56000 series as well as leading cases in Japan and globally. The program is provided for multiple companies, and you can build a network with these companies.

Price JPY1,000,000 +tax for 5 people from one company
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The order-made four-month program, to design Innovation Management System for your company which includes lecture on the ISO 56000 series, IMS assessment, as well as defining issues in your company and how to correct them.

Price TBD based on the context
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IMSAP Open Innovation Program

The order-made program to introduce management system for open innovation based on ISO 56002, aiming to identifying business opportunities, accelerating R&D, and developing a new core business.

Price TBD based on the context
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Innovation Acceleration

Strengthening innovation activities systematically JIN provides individual companies with order-made acceleration support for their innovation activities.

Companies seeking to innovate need to upgrade their operating system (or ecosystem) and build the “Two-layered innovation management” structure capable of both expanding their existing businesses and creating new one. With this management approach adopted in the ISO 56002, JIN offers individual companies the support to accelerate innovation based on the ISO 56002:

Development and implementation of innovation management systems

We support the design, development, and operation of organizations and processes that constantly create innovations in accordance with the International Standard on Innovation Management Systems (ISO 56002).

Acceleration of innovation projects

We use a lean startup method to support practical training for developing business models and commercializing business ideas.

Programs partnering with startups

JIN utilizes its networks with innovation hubs around the world as well as its expertise in startups to support innovation creation.

SHIP:SDGs Holistic Innovation Platform

SDGs business acceleration Open innovation platform connecting companies’ know-how and technologies
with SDGs-related issues and needs

As the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations for the world to achieve by 2030, are providing opportunities for innovation, JIN and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched an open innovation platform in 2016 to solve global issues and challenges utilizing Japanese companies’ know-how and technologies.

By fully utilizing expertise of its global ecosystem, SHIP provides programs for companies to develop business models that utilize various companies’ know-how and resources on the platform, to fully explore and address the challenges defined by the SDGs.

SHIP ecosystem

Innovation 100 Committee

Whose job is it to create innovation in companies? Community of CEOs committed in innovation management

To challenge the widely held belief that large companies cannot be innovative, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan Innovation Network, and World Innovation Lab (WiL) formed the Innovation 100 Committee in 2015, with its first-term members consisting of 17 CEOs from major Japanese companies who are committed in pioneering efforts for innovation.

With Japan’s conventional model for success viewed as outdated and the country buffeted by the waves of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the committee has raised awareness that to cope with the changing environment, Japanese business leaders need to take the initiative and act with courage and determination to indicate the direction their companies should take. The committee has been working in its fourth term with the ambition to make Japan “Innovation Nation” once again.