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We provide comprehensive support for the establishment and implementation of Innovation Management Systems (IMS), meticulously designed to amplify the success rate of your innovation activities. Our approach combines our wealth of practical expertise with the globally recognized ISO 56002 standard and includes "Ongoing support and IMS networking", ensuring optimal results for your organization.

We also operate SHIP, an innovative program that accelerates businesses towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), grounded on our belief that addressing the societal challenges identified by the SDGs presents a profound opportunity for purpose-driven innovation.

What is ISO 56002 (Innovation Management System/IMS)?

The challenge of fostering innovation within existing organizations is not unique to Japanese companies, but a common issue worldwide.

Recognizing this global concern, in 2013, ISO initiated discussions on international standards for innovation within established organizations. As a result, ISO 56002, the cornerstone of the ISO 56000 series and the world's first international standard for an Innovation Management System (IMS) in industrial history, was unveiled in 2019.

As a national institution, JIN has been consistently involved in the development of standards, international negotiations, and the operation of the national mirror committee in Japan. As the scheme owner of the ISO 56000 series in the country, we are striving for the appropriate deployment of IMS.



Innovation Management System Acceleration Program


We will design, implement, and develop the best Innovation Management System for your organization based on ISO 56002.


The IMSAP Studio, is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with essential knowledge on the ISO 56000 series. This intensive course sets the foundation for a comprehensive analysis of your company's current IMS status through the IMS Assessment at IMSAP Camp I.

Leveraging the insights gained through the assessment, and with the continuous support of JIN, we will collaboratively design the outline of your organization's IMS during Camp II, before moving on to implementation in Camp III.

For those eager to kickstart the process and swiftly identify areas for improvement, we recommend diving straight into IMSAP Camp I.



SDGs Holistic Innovation Platform: SDGs Business Acceleration Support


Accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by utilizing know-hows and technologies of Japanese corporations.


SHIP is an open innovation platform established by JIN and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) * in 2016. In close collaboration among SHIP Ecosystem members, SHIP provides programs and project support for development of business models addressing the achievement of the SDGs. *UNDP is a founding partner of SHIP after April 2023.

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