Activity report

‘Overcoming the innovator’s dilemma’ Workshop at METI’s Next Innovator 2015

The Japan Innovation Network was invited to a workshop at the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s (METI) Next Innovator 2015 event. This program aims at educating business and public policy leaders in new business creation.


Our executive managing director, Hiro Nishiguchi, led the workshop that was attended by about 120 business leaders. It was built around the theme of how large firms can overcome the innovation dilemmas confronting their organisations. This hands-on workshop introduced and practiced a wide variety of tools to boost innovation capabilities: ranging from 22 simple assessment methods for identifying underlying issues, to tools for large businesses to implement better innovation practices, such as training how to make use of business model development.

You can find more info on METI’s Next Innovator program here (Website in Japanese only).